Speaker Spotlight for #MVWC 2017 – Jonathan Trip Builds Community

The Mountain Valley Writers Conference will feature speakers and presentations that will help provide the tools to writers that are working in the industry or those writers that are seeking to build their own platform for writing success.

Speaker Highlight

Jonathan Tripp

Jonathan Tripp opens his home to you as host of Jonathan Trip Live. He creates an atmosphere of comfort with simple steps – like the “mug shot” of the day and other little invites to bring you into the conversation.

A background in management services and non-profit organizations has helped Jonathan become a proven leader ready (and willing) to create actionable social media strategies that will deepen connections with your target audience and grow the engagement that supports your brand and business.

The ever changing technology of the internet creates new opportunities and doors for moving forward. Jonathan is focused on this evolving world and helping you find your way through it. His Show, Jonathan Trip Live, focuses on social media, business and marketing topics, and developing a strong network.

Jonathan joins the Mountain Valley Writers Conference to share his tips for connecting, engaging, and growing community.

Want to create breakthroughs on demand? Say yes! Your actions are fueled by your beliefs whether positive or negative. Denise’s presentation will show you how to interrupt worn out, ineffective beliefs and replace them with powerful, effective beliefs to achieve your goals. In a fusion of comedy and science, you will hear and see how quickly you can make this can happen in any area of your life.

Building a Community

    Take away Top Point:
    Why community growth is more than just posts & links!

More about the Speaker

Favorite Book:
The Poetry of Robert Frost

Favorite Quote:
The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but, if one will, are to be lived.

One thing:
My love for people and coffee are only outweighed by my love for my wife and family.

Random Fun Fact:
I love acquiring coffee mugs, especially from my listeners.

Where to Connect with the Speaker

Website: jonathantripp.com
Instagram: @jontripp
Community: jonathantripp.com/group
Start-Up: vitmug.com

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