Elevating Mind Power – Denise Oatley Hall in the Spotlight for #MVWC

The Mountain Valley Writers Conference will feature speakers and presentations that will help provide the tools to writers that are working in the industry or those writers that are seeking to build their own platform for writing success.

Speaker Highlight

Denise Oatley Hall

Denise Oatley Hall here. The first thing you should know about me, is I am a combination of artist, scientist, goofball and dreamer. When I was a kid, we lived on a lake. I wanted to build a submarine (no kidding) and paint it with wild colors before I launched it. In junior high, I found out I could make people laugh. (Much to the dismay of my teachers.) No surprise then that I became a professional clown and a children’s entertainer for many years. I am also passionate about going for the gusto in life and helping other people to do the same. Becoming a hypnotist gave me understanding and powerful tools to not only help people create lasting change but also experience belly- busting laughter. These days, I use most of these experiences (no pies in the face) to create one-of-a-kind keynote presentations, shows, retreats and write. Life is good. Oh, and my favorite food is a hot dog.

Denise lives in sunny Safety Harbor, Florida with her dog Sophie.

Denise joins the Mountain Valley Writers Conference to share her secrets of mind power and how to make the most of your subconscious to reach your defined success.

Want to create breakthroughs on demand? Say yes! Your actions are fueled by your beliefs whether positive or negative. Denise’s presentation will show you how to interrupt worn out, ineffective beliefs and replace them with powerful, effective beliefs to achieve your goals. In a fusion of comedy and science, you will hear and see how quickly you can make this can happen in any area of your life.

Power Up Your Mind

    Take away:
    Boost confidence and belief in self and goals
    Breakthrough negative thinking and reset mind
    Increase confidence in self and goals

More about the Speaker

Favorite book: I don’t know how anyone can have one favorite book. But I love Little Women. I read it yearly and love it dearly.

Favorite Quote: Favorite quote? I have so many…but here is one I am fond of. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but building the new.” Socrates

One thing I want people to know about me. I am extremely playful and I love to make other people laugh.

Random fun facts: My friends call me Pioneer Woman – ask me why.

Where to Connect with the Speaker

Website: Denis Oatley Hall
Facebook: ChoosePassion

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Mountain Valley Writers Conference – Speaker Spotlight – Natalie Cone

Writers Conference Speaker Highlight

Natalie Cone

Natalie Cone is the wife of a handyman, the mother of two boys, a nature enthusiast, and a professional writer from Birmingham, Alabama. If she’s not blogging about the mishaps of motherhood or pecking away at her first fiction novel, she can be found in a field of flowers at springtime.

Natalie is the winner of both the 2013 AND the 2015 SELTI Short Story Contests. Her ability to capture the heart of a location allows her to create strong tourism fiction that is more than just a story in a place.

She will be sharing her expertise on how to turn the focus of a location into an income at the 2017 Mountain Valley Writers Conference.

Tourism Fiction

    -All about SELTI
    -Why tourism fiction is challenging
    -Why tourism fiction is fun
    -Featuring an area’s highlights, both popular and lesser known
    -Writing authentically about an area you’ve never been
    -Creating authentic characters that will best allow the reader to experience the area through their eyes

More about the Speaker

My favorite book is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I was first introduced to the story through the film adaptation in 1993, also titled The Secret Garden. It sparked my obsession with skeleton keys and finding secret doors and hidden passages. It’s a story that marked my childhood and inspired the most magical pretend play with my little sister.
Favorite Quote: “Don’t fight it. Write it.” – Kris Cone (my husband). I repeat this in my head every time I am overthinking an aspect of my writing or am overwhelmed by my inner critic

Where to Connect with the Speaker

Blog: www.nataliecone.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NatalieWrites

Twitter @nataliecone

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Growing Relationships at the Mountain Valley Writers Conference

It is ALL about relationships.

One of the priorities we had when planning the Mountain Valley Writers Conference focused on relationships. We wanted attendees and presenters to have time to meet and greet – not just passing each other in the hall on the way to the next session. It was important to plan the event so there would be time to engage.

This desire to foster engagement is one of the reasons we have limited the tickets. There will be one presenter for every 5 attendees.

Engagement is empowering!

In August, I had the chance to sit down with a group of authors for dinner after an author event. We shared ideas. We shared struggles. We offered support. And we had a great time together.

I walked away from that time feeling like I had accomplished more and connected more than I had at most of the conferences I had attended.

It gave me an idea. Why not dedicate a portion of the conference to this same kind of engagement.

We decided to try something new – or at least new to us since we had never attended conferences that offered this particular element. *note* The very first workshop I helped put on included this very element.

Table Talks

After dinner on Thursday and lunch on Friday we will engage in some table talk discussions. The speakers and presenters will answer questions at the table they are sitting and then they will all shift to another table. This will give ALL attendees an opportunity to meet the speakers and presenters and also provide ample time to connect with each other.

For those of you who are staying at the Lodge, there is a great place to sit and visit in the lounge just one level below the main ballroom.

Photo from the Lake Guntersville State Park website

The Mountain Valley Writers Conference is for working writers and writers that want to work – but it is first and foremost about relationships.

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I’ll be looking for you – Kathryn