The Future of Mountain Valley Writers Re-Conference

2017 Mountain Valley Writers Conference was a Hit

The first conference was a blend of conference and re-treat that provided attendees, vendors, and faculty the opportunity to connect, engage, and share. We set out to create a unique writing conference and we succeeded in spades!

Praises for Mountain Valley Writers

“The connections were the best part.”

We bring in enough faculty to ensure that there will be one expert for (at the most) every four attendees.

“All presenters were willing to take the time to talk with you individually.”

We planned the 2017 conference with the goal of creating foundational connections. The engagement turned into such a positive part of the event that we are expanding that focus in 2018 with Mentor Meetings – a chance to schedule one-on-one time with faculty.

| Our Vision for Future MVW Events |

More sessions, more surprises, and way more words!

*We are working with local organizations to find the best time and location for future events to include all the amazing ideas, sessions, and engagement opportunities we envision for Mountain Valley Writers. This means that we will not be hosting the main event this year, but pushing it back to 2019. If you are looking for an incredible engagement opportunity be sure to visit WordCamp Birmingham 2018.*

Mountain Valley Writers Returns in 2019

What you can expect from the re-conference:

5 amazing workshops/sessions for each track each day
3 focus tracks
2 table talk discussions
1 no-holds-bar after event

But there’s more!

After the inaugural Mountain Valley Writers conference, we listened to the attendees. You requested time to showcase authors and time to share your words. We listened.

Introducing WORD WAR

This will be a community-wide event featuring panel discussions, author readings, contest winners, word war competitions, and an after party!

Vendor tables
Author tables


*The list is an idea of what will be available but more details will be available as we move closer to the event.*

  • Print article
  • Guest posts
  • Blog website
  • Ebooks (up to 15,000 words)
  • Books (over 60,000 words)
  • Books (under 60,000 words)
  • Novels (over 60,000 words)
  • Novels (under 60,000 words)
  • Children’s book
  • Poetry (under 1000 words)
  • Tall tale stories (elementary/middle school)
  • Poetry (themed) for location
  • SELTI – places (focused on celebrating with the BiCentennial)


  • Readings (must be under 5 minutes and family friendly)
  • Word wars (four contestants, four words, four minutes to create)
  • Q & A with speakers/panels

What do you think?

What are your thoughts about a Re-Conference and Word War ?
What are we missing?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Check back for more details and to be alerted for when tickets go on sale.

Speaker Spotlight for #MVWC 2017 – Cheryl Wray has the Query Secrets

Do queries put you in a quandary? Cheryl Wray has the tools to set things right.

The Mountain Valley Writers Conference will feature speakers and presentations that will help provide the tools to writers that are working in the industry or those writers that are seeking to build their own platform for writing success.

Speaker Highlight

Cheryl Wray

Cheryl Wray is a reporter wit, a freelance magazine writer, and an adjunct journalism professor at the University of Alabama. She’s had more than 2000 articles published in a variety of magazines through the years, and is the author of two books on the article publishing process. Her book, Writing for Magazines (McGraw-Hill), was a featured selection of the Writers Digest Book Club and her most recent writing guide, Writing Feature Articles (Vision Press) is used in college courses across the country. She is currently working on a book on Type-1 diabetes featuring profIles of celebrities and everyday heroes. She’s also the co-founder of the popular Southern Christian Writers Conference.

Cheryl joins the Mountain Valley Writers Conference to share the secrets for crafting a query letter that grabs the attention of the editor and lands you the gig!

Craft a Query Letter that Sells

Expect to walk away with a query or query outline

    – how to do the research
    – finding the markets
    – submitting the letter/proposal

More about the Speaker

Favorite book: I’m an avid reader and could list probably 50 for you, but the one I come back to over and over is To Kill a Mockingbird. I love all things Southern, and the story’s morality and the characters can’t be beat (My almost 13-year-old daughter is named Scout. So, yep, my husband and I both love that book). I’m also a Harry Potter nerd, and love those books!

Favorite Quote: Again, my “favorites” change all the time according to what’s going on my life. But I love quotes from writers, from the Bible, from books, from songs even. Right now in my mind I have the verse from Esther that says, “Perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this” (4:14). A recent favorite is “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Both of those say a lot to me about taking advantage of our opportunities, believing in God’s plan for our lives, and also sticking to your dreams even when perhaps we are pushed down by our doubts or other people or whatever.

Want people to know about me: I love to encourage aspiring writers. I love to take the mystery out of the writing and marketing process. It takes diligence, yes, but it’s not brain surgery. You can do it!

Random fun facts: Have three daughters McKenna, Delaney, and Scout and am a brand-new grandmother with granddaughter Ramsey Cate. (Three of them have birthdays in the same week…the last week of March.) I love sweet tea, sports of all kinds, Star Wars, road trips, and bubble baths. (Sounds like a personals ad. ) I was born in Texas, the child of two writers, so it’s in my blood.

Where to Connect with the Speaker

Facebook: Cheryl Sloan Wray
Twitter: @cwray_sports

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Elevating Mind Power – Denise Oatley Hall in the Spotlight for #MVWC

The Mountain Valley Writers Conference will feature speakers and presentations that will help provide the tools to writers that are working in the industry or those writers that are seeking to build their own platform for writing success.

Speaker Highlight

Denise Oatley Hall

Denise Oatley Hall here. The first thing you should know about me, is I am a combination of artist, scientist, goofball and dreamer. When I was a kid, we lived on a lake. I wanted to build a submarine (no kidding) and paint it with wild colors before I launched it. In junior high, I found out I could make people laugh. (Much to the dismay of my teachers.) No surprise then that I became a professional clown and a children’s entertainer for many years. I am also passionate about going for the gusto in life and helping other people to do the same. Becoming a hypnotist gave me understanding and powerful tools to not only help people create lasting change but also experience belly- busting laughter. These days, I use most of these experiences (no pies in the face) to create one-of-a-kind keynote presentations, shows, retreats and write. Life is good. Oh, and my favorite food is a hot dog.

Denise lives in sunny Safety Harbor, Florida with her dog Sophie.

Denise joins the Mountain Valley Writers Conference to share her secrets of mind power and how to make the most of your subconscious to reach your defined success.

Want to create breakthroughs on demand? Say yes! Your actions are fueled by your beliefs whether positive or negative. Denise’s presentation will show you how to interrupt worn out, ineffective beliefs and replace them with powerful, effective beliefs to achieve your goals. In a fusion of comedy and science, you will hear and see how quickly you can make this can happen in any area of your life.

Power Up Your Mind

    Take away:
    Boost confidence and belief in self and goals
    Breakthrough negative thinking and reset mind
    Increase confidence in self and goals

More about the Speaker

Favorite book: I don’t know how anyone can have one favorite book. But I love Little Women. I read it yearly and love it dearly.

Favorite Quote: Favorite quote? I have so many…but here is one I am fond of. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but building the new.” Socrates

One thing I want people to know about me. I am extremely playful and I love to make other people laugh.

Random fun facts: My friends call me Pioneer Woman – ask me why.

Where to Connect with the Speaker

Website: Denis Oatley Hall
Facebook: ChoosePassion

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