The Mountain Valley Writers Conference will feature speakers and presentations that will help provide the tools to writers that are working in the industry or those writers that are seeking to build their own platform for writing success.

Speaker Highlight

Constance Smith

Constance Smith got started running her first website in 1998, teaching herself to write html from scratch. Since then she has acquired 2 decades of experience in social media and has readers that have stuck with her since the very beginning.

After living a military life for 25 years, she is planting roots in northern Alabama and starting a homestead. It is a new life chapter that she shares with her subscribers, along with the countless recipes and other lifestyle content on her website, Cosmopolitan Cornbread. She believes in “what you see is what you get” and her readers have come to love her honesty and authenticity. Constance chronicles her adventures with her subscribers in both written form as well as video on her YouTube channel. She has a heart for teaching, which is expressed through her blogging, vlogging, speaking engagements, volunteer work and she even homeschooled her three children through graduation.

Constance has appeared in local, national and digital publications, such as: MSN Food & Drink, BuzzFeed, Military Spouse Magazine, Home Gourmet Magazine, The Alaska Post, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Making it Home Magazine and others.

Constance joins the Mountain Valley Writers Conference with the task of providing the tools to help you take your passion and turn it into profit. She will challenge attendees to know what they love and then find ways to make that into a living wage. She did it in her life so she knows it is something possible and profitable!

    Passion to Profit

    My focus will be on blogging & social media as an outlet for what I am passionate about, and how I have used that to garner my own income by connecting with sponsors, growing readership/subscribers, and more

More about the Speaker

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Quotes: “Bloom where you are planted.”

Random Fact: I am a history & genealogy buff and have traced one branch of my family tree back to the first century.

Where to Connect with the Speaker

Website: Cosmopolitan Cornbread

YouTube: Cosmopolitan Cornbread’s Homestead

Facebook: Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Twitter: @CosmoCornbread



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