The Mountain Valley Writing Conference is only two weeks away. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, today is the day. The investment for one-day tickets will go up to $135 on March 10th. The investment for full conference admittance (two-days will go up to $235 on the 10th as well.

Not only should you not wait to get your conference tickets, but you should begin to prepare for what you want and what you will do when you arrive.

A few weeks back, the #blogchat – held every Sunday night at 8 pm Central – sparked a conversation about how to get the most out of your conference attendance. We came up with “the Fives for a Successful Conference – five targets and tips for before, during, and after a conference that would give you the most powerful (and measurable) results for your efforts.

Before the Conference – PLAN for Five

Plan to learn five new things – or to expand on five things you are already pursuing. Review the sessions and make a list of the questions you want to have answered or the information you want to gather.

Plan to meet five new people – it is ALL about relationships. Make an effort not only to meet five new people but to engage with them in a way that sets the foundation for potential relationship growth.

Plan to attend five GREAT sessions or workshops – at the Mountain Valley Writers Conference, you will have your choice of 8 workshops and 8 sessions. Expect to gain something from the ones you choose – maybe directly from the information offered, maybe from the question and answer sessions, and maybe from the spark of inspiration ignited by the information. Expect great and you will find it.

Plan to have five inspiring conversations – and expect to be the inspiration as much as you will be inspired. It is often the one to one conversations at conferences that generate the most amazing results.

Plan to write five short pieces (from 500 to 1000 words) – you can write about the conference, about the location, about the people, or about your own journey through the conference. Plan to write and make the notes that will give you the foundation for those writings.

Every conference you ever attend has the potential of moving you forward in your journey. The Mountain Valley Writers Conference strives to be the ignition for those who want to build a living or develop an income on the foundation of words. Putting to practice the PLAN for Five will help you move forward in your desired writing success.

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Get your tickets for #MVVWC 2017 by clicking the link below

Mountain Valley Writers Conference Tickets

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