Breaking the procrastination habit requires doing something – and doing it consistently. Getting it done is as simple as just doing it. Procrastination can be spelled W R I T E R S B L O C K or any number of ways. In the end, it is j

Putting things off until tomorrow is EASY – especially when you realize that technically tomorrow will never come because when it is here it is today. Making the tomorrow to-do list can be a great task for putting off what I should be doing today.

How do I do what I know to do when what I want to do is the things that I know get in the way of doing the should dos?

Top Three Secrets for Overcoming a Procrastination Habit

    1. Determine the value of the actions that you choose. You may be the kind of person that comparison shops for everything, but you will spend your minutes like they are printed on the copier. You can make more money, but you can never make more time than you are given. It might be a good idea to spend half the time comparison shopping with the minutes as you do with the dollars.

    2. Become accountable to someone other than self. Making the choice to work from home puts all of the responsibility for getting it done directly on YOUR shoulders. Being the boss means you can shift deadlines, put off projects or call a day off – if the urge strikes. Bringing in a partner – at least someone that can help you hold your feet to the fire when you are shying away from the tasks at hand – can help you break through to the success that comes from pushing when others back down.

    3. Do something. Inaction breeds inaction and before you know it you have spent the day watching a Psyche marathon. Taking that first step to complete a task (even if that is just getting dressed or making the bed) opens the door to that next step. Before you know it you have put one foot in front of the other and . . .

Nothing gets done if I choose not to do anything. Procrastination is not the act of putting things off, but the act of choosing not to do what needs to be done. It may seem like semantics, but it can be the simple line between staying where I am right now or pushing on to the success I desire.

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